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Tarot FAQs

How does tarot work?

Different people you ask will give you different answers to this question. I take a decidedly spiritual approach to tarot – for me, tarot channels your highest wisdom to help you gain full awareness of your situation and make better decisions in future. What is this highest wisdom? Depending on your own leanings, you can call this your spirit guides, your guardians angels, God, the universe, or simply your own unconscious wisdom. To me, these are all different words for the energetic Source that connects us all.

What questions can I ask?

Popular requests include finances, love, decisions, studies, personal growth, relationship and conflict management. Many clients also ask for forecast readings, e.g. how will my transition into my new job/moving house turn out? Some sample questions include

  • How is my relationship going and what can I do to strengthen it?
  • I’m choosing between Jobs X and Y. What are the benefits of which and which should I choose?
  • What challenges will I face in my upcoming year in university and how can I overcome them?
  • What are the obstacles in our relationship and how can I fix them?

Are there questions I cannot ask?

I will not do readings for issues that I deem more suited for a professional lawyer, doctor or psychologist. At my discretion, I may also turn down readings that I am not comfortable doing.

Can you do a reading to find out how my lover/enemy/friend/partner is doing?

Readings will only focus on the querent. I can find out how your relationship is going and how you can work on things from your end, but I won’t look into their life for you. Tarot is about empowering you!

Why don’t we need to meet for my written reading?

For written readings, I reread your spread as many times as I need to excavate its meaning in depth. Your reading benefits from this sustained attention. On a theoretical level, we don’t need to meet because time, space and separation are illusions that can be overcome with mindfulness!

Why do you need my full name and birthday?

Personal information acts as psychic anchors that help me channel your energy for the reading. Rest assured that all your data and reading information will be kept in the strictest confidence.

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