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Deck Review: Siddhartha Tarot by Bruno Letizia

Drawing on the symbolism of Tibetan Buddhism and weaving it into the structure of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith tarot, Letizia showcases the cultural sensitivity and clarity of thought that I admire in a tarot artist.

How to Cross-Reference Your Tarot Reading

Check out my Instagram slide deck on how to increase the depth and breadth of your tarot reading using three main techniques: Check me out on Instagram, where I’ll be moving most of my thoughts from now on!

Revision of Rates

Dear all: thank you to everyone who’s entrusted me with your readings! I’m deeply honoured to have helped so many people discover more about how you can take your destiny into your hands. Many of my clients have told tell me about how validated, seen and empowered they feel after they encounter their cards; it’sContinue reading “Revision of Rates”

Does tarot provide answers or options?

If you grew up being told that the future is written in stone, tarot seems to be a bit of a head-scratcher. Can tarot truly tell us what to do and what will happen in future?

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