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Wisdom is nothing without love and power.

I am a lifelong student of the occult, a Buddhist, an educator, a film and cultural critic, a queer man, a Chinese Singaporean. Above all, I want to define myself by my desire to maximise the happiness and reduce the suffering of all beings.

Hi! I’m Lux (he/him) and I empower people through tarot.

A tarot reading is like a flaming torch. In the cards lay a key to understanding how our choices and circumstances weave into our destiny. When I work with the tarot, I channel your highest wisdom. It burns away beliefs and structures that weigh you down, and its light clears your vision. It is confidence given form in image, helping you realise you’ve always had the strength all along.

While I take a decidedly spiritual approach to the tarot, I’m happy to use whatever vocabulary suits you. Please check out these links to posts that explain my theories on how tarot works. Click here to check out my services!

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