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Revision of Rates

Dear all: thank you to everyone who’s entrusted me with your readings! I’m deeply honoured to have helped so many people discover more about how you can take your destiny into your hands. Many of my clients have told tell me about how validated, seen and empowered they feel after they encounter their cards; it’s a privilege to facilitate this discovery of your true potential and I’m excited to extend this experience to many more people.

In order to keep this sustainable, I’ve made the decision to revise my rates upwards. Depending on each client’s unique circumstances, I invite a combination of my own deities and my client’s ancestors, guides and spirits. This ensures that the advice they receive is best tailored to their situation. In other words, each reading requires substantial energetic work, and I have raised my rates to match the intensity of the process.

Please view my updated menu on my Services page.

Thanks so much for your understanding and support! I hope to continue helping even more people rediscover their inner power.


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